The Arsakeio Greek-Albanian College in Tirana, founded in 1998, was financed by Philekpaideutiki Etaireia and donators as well as the Foreign Office (financial programmes for the development of Balkans). The Arsakeio in Tirana, since its establishment, has been entirely operating thanks to the financial resources of Philekpaideutiki Etaireia.


Philekpaideutiki Etaireia, sustained in the tradition as well as the pioneering spirit of the donated education from the Arsakeia Schools, attempted an educational opening to a country in the nearby area of the Southern Europe.

From the beginning of their history the Schools made their presence wherever there were educational needs and capabilities.

The Arsakeio School in Tirana, which operates as an avant-guard European school of qualitative education, based on universal historical values as well as on the modern educational principles for a broad education, forms the basis of a successful example of grand multicultural culture, which could lead not only to a better understanding between the nations of Greece and Albania but also to a wider partnership in educational and cultural level with full respect to the civilization and traditions of both nations.

Historical Data

The Arsakeio School in Tirana, the first of the Arsakeia Schools family, started operating in 1998 with the potentiality of 77 pupils in the First Grade of the Primary School aligned to those grades of the Albanian education.

Since May 2007, the School is relocated in a newly erected privately owned building complex which fulfills the most modern international educational expectations.

The School Complex

The erection of the privately owned by Philekpaideutiki Etaireia school complex started in 2003 in a building site of 100.000m2, in a distance of 5 kilometres from Tirana all the way to Elbasan. Since May 2007, the School , specially designed by prominent professors of the National Metsovio Polytechnic School and structured according to rigid specifications of functionality, aesthetics and security, was relocated to the new establishments which constitute the most modern school complex in the Balkans area.

The School Complex, covering a total area of 4.000 square metres, is introversive laid round an atrium.

The school classes, expanding in four floors, shape an open triangle (Γ) which gives into the outer building the luxury of a “private” open space. The well-organized laboratories expanded in two floors, as well as the communal areas shape a second open triangle (Γ) which complements the atrium. Circumferentially the atrium, which is divided into levels, are the ring roads.


Educational personnel

The School, since 2006-2007, is directed by two Greek Head Teachers (sometime Head teachers in the Arsakeia Schools in Psychiko). One in charge of the elementary education and the other of the secondary education, assisted by an Albanian deputy head teacher austerely selected.

All school subjects are taught by teachers, citizens of Albania, who satisfy the requirements prescribed by the Albanian Legislation.

The Greek language is taught by Greek teachers, selected by Philekpaideutiki Etaireia, graduates of the Greek university.

The educational personnel to this day (2008) consist of 42 Albanian and 6 Greek teachers.

School curriculum

The Arsakeio in Tirana operates according to the curriculum of the Albanian schools with emphasis on learning Greek as second language.

We should make particular mention in certain subjects of the main syllabus such as Literature, European Civilization, Democracy, Geography and Computer Science, which are taught in the Greek language.

School structure

The School in Tirana has developed all the grades of the educational curriculum: Pre-Primary School, Primary School, Middle and High School.

In 2008 the above schools operated with the potentiality of 500 pupils, in 12 grades (divided in classes of two).

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