The Books’ Archway was founded by the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning to culturally intervene in the spiritual life of Athens. Its cornerstone was the Book as a carrier of civilization and, functioning for 16 years, the Archway managed to become a point of reference regarding not only the book but the cultural and scientific activity of the city.

The Archway’s Word and Art Auditorium witnessed and, still does, a variety of conferences, lectures, book presentations which were highly attended yearly.

The Archway’s and its founders’ primary goal was to enable people coming from different paths of life to broaden their horizons by offering a series of courses on various subjects.

University professors, distinguished scientists, artists and creators offer, through the courses, a platform of acquired knowledge as well as food for thought on the subjects presented.

The sole prerequisite to attend the courses is the individuals’ personal interest on the topics presented. The whole programme is part of the University of the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning, a highly successful institution which entered its 7th year of implementation.

The high academic standards, the choice of the subjects taught and the caliber of the guest speakers combined with an updated and efficient organization, resulted in the public’s ardent response and support.

The Archway has so far entertained 18 sessions, 107 thematic units and 222 university professors, writers and artists who addressed an excessively wide audience of different cultural and professional background.

The use of technology in the presentations is imperative and after each class discussion follows and supplementary material as well as relevant bibliography is distributed.

The upcoming 19th session (January-March 2013) will entail thematic units such as Greek language, environmentalism, European and Modern Greek Enlightment, ancient Greek literature, philosophy, and poetry and Modern Greek prose.

We sincerely hope that these courses fulfill the cultural and spiritual needs of the public and complete the insufficient, at times, access to knowledge offered by other institutions.

Our primary goal is quality and freedom of access to knowledge and development.

The SPEL President
Georgios Babiniotis
Professor of Linguistics, University of Athens

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