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On 19th December 2009 the official inauguration of The Sciences Centre took place in Arsakeio School in Patras. The Institution, which is a donation of Mr K. Dimitriadis, President of the Centre of Education and Science (CES), is the result of collaboration between the CES and Filekpaideftiki Etaireia, and is located in the Campus of Arsakeio in Patras. Moreover, Mr Dimitriadis has kindly donated the building of Arsakeio School Laboratories to Filekpaideftiki Etaireia, which was also inaugurated on the same date.

The Sciences Centre addresses students, teachers, as well as anyone wishing to be informed about a variety of scientific and educational issues. It provides motivation as it leads the way to deeper insight and understanding of scientific terms and natural phenomena.

On its premises, students of Secondary Education have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Sciences (Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology) through educational activities of CES, which are complementary to Educational Process. Last but not least, it offers teachers the opportunity to be acquainted with methods of immediate approach of the scientific notions taught in class.

The Wing of Arsakeio Laboratories consists of three labs of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, an Experiment Laboratory, an IT room, two rooms of versatile use and staff rooms. Every laboratory is fully equipped with the most contemporary arrangements, instruments, teaching visual aids, computers connected to the Internet, slides, projectors, printers, and so on.