Tribute to the Benefactors

It is of outmost importance for Philekpaideutiki Etaireia to supply education of high standards to as many pupils as possible, particularly in sensitive areas in Greece.

For this reason and also as a moral obligation towards the great benefactors of Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools, namely Apostolos Arsakis and Eleni and Michail Tositsas who came from Epirus, the Board of Directors and the President himself, Georgios Babiniotis, decided unanimously to establish the Arsakeio Pre-Primary School, the Primary School, the Middle School and the High School in Ioannina.

Pedagogical and Spiritual Elevation

The objectives for the establishment and operation of the Arsakeia Schools in Ioannina were to contribute to the pedagogical and broadly spiritual elevation of the area, adding to the dynamic educational centres of all levels which are in action in the wider vicinity of Ioannina, in Epirus.

In particular:

  1. The pupils of Ioannina and the surrounding areas are given the opportunity to acquire an education of high standards which will contribute to the pedagogical upgrading of the whole area, a fact which has always been of major importance for Ioannina.
  2. Collaboration with the Pedagogical Sections of the University of Ioannina will be pursued.

The School

The Arsakeio School in Ioannina became operational in the school year 2009-2010. The building accommodates the Pre-Primary School and the Primary School. In the coming year, the Middle School and the High School will gradually operate.

Contemporary qualitative education

Arsakeia Schools in Ioannina are in line with the programme, the modern pedagogical methods (Science laboratories, technology, Arts and Crafts, extensive teaching of foreign languages, drama classes, rhetoric, classes on Greek tradition, teaching aids, modern Sports facilities, etc.) and the principles dictated by the Greek tradition and culture pursued by the other Arsakeia Schools in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Tirana in Albania. Consequently, the children, not only in Ioannina but also in the neighbouring regions will obtain the Arsakeia Schools' education and moral upbringing, which has illuminated and guided not only our pupils but also the Greek society since 1836, that is for more than 170 years.


 The new Arsakeio School complex in Ioannina lies on a 30-acre field in lush vegetation near Loggades, a village overlooking the unique lake of Ioannina.

 On completion, it will include independent buildings for every level of Education (Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, and High Schools), a separate building for the Library, the Theatre and the Headquarters as well as an indoor Gymnasium. The first building which takes up 4.800m2 has already been completed comprising both main and utility rooms. Built in a modern way, it meets the international educational specifications and it consists of 12 classrooms, 4 foreign languages rooms, Art and Crafts and Music rooms, science laboratories, chemistry and computer labs, an indoor sport and dance area, a versatile room, as well as main and utility rooms which support the schools’ operation.

The building dominates the area and it is impressive not only due to its aesthetics but also because of its diversity and the materials used for its construction, while at the same time it is in harmony with the natural environment. The specific design of the space, the wide openings, the spacious classrooms, the atrium with the terraces for the outdoor activities together with the educational equipment in the classrooms and the science, biology and computer labs, indicate the particular care that Filekpaideftiki Etaireia takes to bring into effect the process of education according to the demands of modern pedagogy. The precincts, which are to include outdoor sports facilities, meeting points where pupils can socialize, gardens and recreation rooms, have been designed in such a way to cultivate aesthetics, inspire respect for our natural environment, familiarize pupils with plants and trees of the Greek fauna and offer stimuli for learning.
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