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patra old2In 1874 a great number of distinguished citizens of the city of Patra submitted a petition to Philekpaideutiki Etaireia for the foundation of Arsakeio School for girls in Patra, too.

The official inauguration of the School took place on January 30th 1892. On February 3rd 1892 the lessons began.

The Present

patra2Today, the Arsakeio of Patra (situated in the area of Platani, Municipality of Ri, Patra) is the most modern school in Greece and the Balkans built according to the requirements of the 21st century reflecting the European modern School architecture.

The Arsakeio of Patra is one of the oldest educational foundations in Greece which celebrates today 119 years of existence (it was founded in 1891) and continues to contribute to Greek education successfully and actively.

The school premises combine the very best of environmental and building specifications.

The Arsakeia Schools of Patra include Kindergarten, Elementary School, Secondary and Upper Secondary School, all of which are now mixed.  

In 1972 was founded the Association of Patra Graduates of Arsakeio of Patra and has continued its various activities since then.

The Arsakeio of Patra has a common timetable, organization, structure and level of studies as all the other Arsakeia Schools (in Athens, Thessaloniki and Ioannina).

The exceptional successes of its students sitting for the General Exams prove the high standard of the education offered by the Arsakeia Schools.

The Future

The parents and students of Arsakeio of Patra in collaboration with the deserving, dynamic educational personnel of this historic School are asked to share in leading the Arsakeio School of Patra to further successes.

The conditions are ideal for practicing high standards of education and keeping traditions set by the Arsakeia Schools through the years.