In the late 1920s the need arose for the Schools of Philekpaideutiki Etaireia to relocate from the centre of Athens. It seemed that the “Arsakeio Megaron” on the block of Panepistimiou, Arsaki, Stadiou and Pesmazoglou streets, being so centrally located in the city that was developing so rapidly, could no longer serve the needs or meet the educational goals of the Arsakeia Schools. So the Schools had to be relocated to a place where the educational process would not be affected by external factors.

In this respect, the area of Palaio Psychiko turned out to be the best choice. The piney, hilly stretch of 60.000m2, which has accommodated the Arsakeia Schools since 1933, remains to this day a privileged area of great natural beauty, easily accessible to the city centre but also far enough to be quiet and peaceful which is very rare considering the circumstances in the city of Athens.

The school premises have been designed and constructed according to the school building standards and have proved their durability in time. In the high-ceilinged sunny classrooms, in the sports facilities, in the theatre, in the corridors and in the gardens thousands of students have not only acquired proper education but also shaped their characters and created lifelong relationships.
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