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The   presence of Philekpaideutiki Etaireia in Thessaloniki dates back to 1939, when the “Professional School of Home Economics” was set up. The Arsakeia Schools today are located in the area of Elaiones Pylaias.

Since their establishment, the Arsakeia Schools have thoroughly developed, making their dynamic appearance extremely important for the life of the whole city. Living proof of this, is not only the increasing influx of pupils, but also the numerous graduates of our School in Thessaliniki, who are definitely distinguished members of the society of Thessaloniki. The Arsakeia Schools provide education of high standards which have supported the tradition and the operation of the Philekpaideutiki Etaireia Schools as far as education is concerned. They also fulfill the requirements of modern society, while continually enriching and upgrading our undergraduates’ programme within the framework of European reality.

In 1992 were erected two independent complexes, one for the Middle School and one for the High School complete with sports facilities . Later on, another two independent buildings followed, one for the Pre-Primary School and one for the Administration Services, as well as a multi-purpose Sports Centre with a modern indoor field of Olympic standards and the necessary utility rooms.